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Article by Rev. Paul M. Smith – Lightning Strykes Ministries – April 10,2017

Humanity is difficult to judge with free will tucked into their personal pockets. On this day long ago many citizens and visitors lined the street leading into Jerusalem shouting “Hosanna!” Children armed with palm branches lined the roadway. Amidst the cheers a tear drop fell on one of the palms from the face of the one being honored. His tears in he middle of their cheers.

Yet those cheers turned to jeers in less than a week. Fists were raised skyward with voices shouting “Crucify Him!” I wonder where were the children? Did those innocents witness the adults shout to release a known criminal and kill the one they followed up a winding road to Jerusalem gleefully shouting “Hosanna”.  What legacy did they set for their children? Children learn by mimicking adults.

In our present day when politics divide loyalties and the heat of anger rises until it boils over into our streets what legacy are we setting for our children? In this era with cries for releasing criminals in favor of crucifying those entrusted to protect our laws what has changed?

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